Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jellied Herring and Horseradish Chips

While Laura and I have been on the road and rails this week, I had a chance to watch a lot of the RU Music channel.  When they took a break from the videos of dance-based pop music sung by groups of women and went to commercial, one commercial that was played again and again seeped into my brain.  The video featured a photo shoot with a bunch of models but the guys taking the photo couldn't find the right woman and while this was happening they were eating this new kind of Mayo chips.

Now looking closer at the bag and you'll see the flavor seems to be jellied herring and a cup of mystery pink liquid.  With a little translation help from Laura the bag lets use know that is horseradish.  So with all that, what do the chips look like?

They look like plain old potato chips if you were to look at them through a vacuum sealed plastic bag.  As you would imagine opening them was like opening a can of tuna.  Eating them reminded me of eating a tuna fish sandwich sprinkled with plain chips.  We've all done that right? 

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  1. That doesn't sound toooo horrible, right?