Saturday, September 29, 2012

Starting Off Predictably

After a long 24 hours reaching Kiev, Laura and I decided we would eat at our hotel's restaurant instead of wondering the streets looking for something.  We got our menus, looked them over, and we both decided to try to answer the question "what should you order if you are ever in Ukraine?"  We both decided to to the stereotypical route and so I ordered beef stroganoff with potato pancakes and Laura ordered Chicken Kiev.  Both were excellent and a great way to start our food adventures.  

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Last Supper

I would be lying if I said I haven't looked at this photo a few times since leaving America. The Champps waitress asked "full rack?" and I defiantly said "yes" not quite knowing that when they came I would need a second plate because they wouldn't really fit on a single one. 

It was a memorable meal to leave America by but now it's time to move onto the Ukrainian food we had while we have been "in country."

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Good Old Fashioned Fish Boil

In my family it is a tradition that each Labor Day weekend we have a fish boil.  This year with my upcoming trip to Ukraine we made it a Farewell Fish Boil on the weekend before I left.  

The boil begins with pot and this time around we went with two for the corn on the cob and one for the boil itself.  

The boil starts with red potatoes along with...

Zatarain's spices which adds a little kick to the ingredients.  

This time around we boiled  the corn separately from the other boiler because were were making so much that it wouldn't all fit into one single pot.

Next goes in the sausage/kielbasa...

and some items from the sea...shrimp and cod.

And then you let it boil...

The boiler has an inner sleeve so you can easily bring up the ingredients when it is time to eat.

My Dad has the honor of poring it all out...

Hot, steamy goodness...

And along with the corn, it sent me off on my trip in style.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Ukrainian grocery stores don't have a lot of selection...with one exception.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

El Patio

Another personal favorite that I had to have one last time before heading to Ukraine were the Fajita Nachos at my favorite greasy Mexican restaurant, El Patio in Eau Claire, WI.  They are so good and easily worth the health risk!


Before we get to those exotic foreign dishes, this summer has allowed me to enjoy some of the dishes I loved so much during my college days at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  This burger is called the Jerry Garcia Burger from a pub called Mogie’s located on Eau Claire’s infamous Water St.  Those tator tot looking things are called the Spuds O’Plenty and are potato and cheddar cheese.  They are certainly one of the top “drunk foods” in the world.  


My wife and I will be traveling abroad starting in September 2012 and A Marvel With A Mango will document all the marvelous dishes we will see along they way. We will be visiting Ukraine, Latvia, Greece, France, England, and who knows where else.  
My love of exciting and exotic food can be traced to the Sunday dinners made by my late Grandma Joyce.  She was born in England and lived in France, Spain, and all over the United States during her life.  She loved cooking and made many memorable dishes that influenced my pallet.  My all-time favorite was paella from Spain.  

These photos are from April 2011 and it was the last time I got to have her paella as she passed away in January 2012.  As I start my year traveling abroad I hope to go into it with no reservations and come back with an amazing year of memories at the end.