Monday, January 14, 2013

Cheese Balls

A few days in Riga, Latvia  was a nice little vacation from our eventual return to Ukraine.  Riga had more snow then I have seen so far this winter and although I've been to Riga before [in March 2006 I asked my wife to marry me while vacationing in Riga] I had never seen it as a Winter Wonderland.

Our return to Riga also gave me a few days to enjoy one of Latvia's "delicacies." I am referring to a little product made by Adazu called Siera Bumbas which translates as Cheese Balls.  

It feels a little odd to expand upon the virtues of any food item with "ball" in the name but I have yet to find another cheese ball-related snack that comes close to these in pure tastiness.  One ball leads to another which leads to nearly a bag and there are many, many, many opportunities to exchange "Schweddy Balls" jokes all afternoon.

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