Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Two American Meals

Laura and I had many great dishes while we were back home but many were lost photo opportunities where I forgot my camera at home or as, often happens, I'm too interested in starting to eat rather than take a photo.  So I missed opportunities for photos of curry, Swedish meatballs, barbecue...the list goes on and on.     Two memorable meals that we had both had cheese as their key ingredient...imagine that!

While at the Main Street Cafe in Bloomer, WI, Laura ordered cheese curds instead of fries with her sandwich...what a lovely addition.

The next meal was a mini Chicago style pizza enjoyed at Chicago O'Hare airport.  This was two trips in the making as the last time we were at O'Hare they were out of the deep dish pizza at the stand we stopped at.  

Ukrainian pizza just doesn't compare so it was a nice to have this as my last meal in America.  

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