Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cheese Cake and Death Threats

Looking back on our six days in Kiev, some of the best food highlights were this lemon cheese cake  at a restaurant in the Radisson hotel lobby.

A hotel restaurant you ask?  That's not typically our style I will admit.  We were there attending a Rotary International meeting which is part of Laura's fellowship.  It was the first meeting I've been too that was all in  English and there were members from Belgium, Sweden, and Germany.  And if you think that a night at a Rotary Club would be dull and a waste of an evening then you would have missed tales of assaults, embezzlement, and a threat by a Chechen to cut members "into little pieces."

Let me explain.

It turned out that the previous treasurer of the organization...a Canadian!  [they always are, aren't they!] had embezzled $50,000 dollars from the club and the group was in the process of trying to get it back.  They had been able to retrieve about $43,000 of it and some of the members went to the ex-treasurer's house the day before to see about getting the rest of it back.  There they were met with fists of fury and the treasure's Chechen friend who promised to cut them into little pieces.  The gentleman in the photo was punched in the face and had his jacket ripped but escaped to joke and tell the tale the next day.  Only in Ukraine!

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