Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Piece Of Kharkiv Found In America

In my postings about the city I live in I spell it "Kharkiv" which is the Ukrainian spelling.  You can also find it spelled as "Kharkov", as in the football team Kharkov Metalist, which is the Russian spelling.  In translating from the cyrillic spelling you could also simplify the spelling to simply "Karkov."  I bring this up because while we were back in America for Christmas I stumbled upon Karkov brand Vodka.  

The image on the front of the bottle sort of resembles Blagoveschensky Cathedral here in Kharkiv...

...but as you can see it's not quite the same.

When we found the bottles on the shelves Laura and I looked at each other and said "there is no way that this was made in Kharkiv" and sure enough it was bottled right there in Minnesota and so they have only adopted our town's name for their brand.

Karkov Vodka has the reputation of being the "college student's vodka" as bottles are often the cheapest vodka you will find on the liquor store shelves...and of course they also had a mini size too.

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