Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Good Old Fashioned Fish Boil

In my family it is a tradition that each Labor Day weekend we have a fish boil.  This year with my upcoming trip to Ukraine we made it a Farewell Fish Boil on the weekend before I left.  

The boil begins with pot and this time around we went with two for the corn on the cob and one for the boil itself.  

The boil starts with red potatoes along with...

Zatarain's spices which adds a little kick to the ingredients.  

This time around we boiled  the corn separately from the other boiler because were were making so much that it wouldn't all fit into one single pot.

Next goes in the sausage/kielbasa...

and some items from the sea...shrimp and cod.

And then you let it boil...

The boiler has an inner sleeve so you can easily bring up the ingredients when it is time to eat.

My Dad has the honor of poring it all out...

Hot, steamy goodness...

And along with the corn, it sent me off on my trip in style.

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