Sunday, September 23, 2012


My wife and I will be traveling abroad starting in September 2012 and A Marvel With A Mango will document all the marvelous dishes we will see along they way. We will be visiting Ukraine, Latvia, Greece, France, England, and who knows where else.  
My love of exciting and exotic food can be traced to the Sunday dinners made by my late Grandma Joyce.  She was born in England and lived in France, Spain, and all over the United States during her life.  She loved cooking and made many memorable dishes that influenced my pallet.  My all-time favorite was paella from Spain.  

These photos are from April 2011 and it was the last time I got to have her paella as she passed away in January 2012.  As I start my year traveling abroad I hope to go into it with no reservations and come back with an amazing year of memories at the end.  

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