Friday, March 1, 2013

Another Rotary Dinner

As part of Laura's Rotary Fellowship which brought us to Ukraine, she regularly attends Rotary Club meetings all around the country.  I even tag along sometimes to sit there and look pretty as everyone speaks Russian or Ukrainian.  We recently went to a meeting of one of the Rotary Clubs in Kharkiv and, as is usually the custom, also had a wonderful meal. 

The vodka and wine bottles were front and center throughout the long table.  

There were many, many, many speeches during the meeting and many, many, many toasts followed each of those speeches.  Many of those bottles above were empty by the end of the dinner.  The gentleman speaking in this photo is a retired policeman and it was his birthday.  

The dinner started out with several appetizer dishes which included picked herring and onions.  I felt at home eating this one but it wasn't as good as my pickled herring from Norway.  I couldn't persuade Laura to try this one though.

There was also blood sausage and a bacon-like meat that was very very fatty.

The main dish was plov with a buttery pastry crust that made it sort of like a pilaf pie...along with...

...some beef kebabs...they were as tasty as you would expect.  

And to end the meal there was a multi-layered bread custard dish that concluded things just right.  

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