Monday, March 25, 2013

Cosmonaut Food

While visiting the Korolyov Cosmonaut Museum they had an exhibit about the food the cosmonauts took with them into orbit.  

I always enjoy the story [but who knows if it is even true] that NASA spent "a lot" of money designing an anti-gravity pen that would write in space while the Soviet answer to the same problem was to use a pencil.  I wonder if that same sort of mentality crossed over into their food selection...long story short, I don't think we're talking about high quality Tang here!

The bread rolls look a little better.

Some of it had obviously not aged too well.

And last but not least we have a tube of "drink of cranberries."

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  1. When I went to space camp (not the real space camp it was more of a mini space camp that only lasted a weekend), in Huntsville, I remember the space pens being in the gift shop and they were about $30 each.