Tuesday, October 23, 2012

As An American Abroad, This Post Was Inevitable

We've seen several different McDonald's while we've been here but we successfully avoided going to one for several weeks.  It just seemed silly to travel this far just to do something we can easily do in America.  But given enough time, I think each expat American eventually goes to McDonald's no matter how strong with convictions are.

Plus, it's fun to see the condescending smile the Ukrainian McDonald's employees get when they realize they've got a real live American ordering McDonald's in Ukraine in front of them.

I went with a Big Mac and fries.  The highlight of the meal through is the large soda [which I can't believe I forgot to take a photo of].  It's one of the few places that serves cold fountain drinks in sizes above a half liter.

Thank you globalization!  Looks, smells, and tastes just like home.

The fries were just as hot and fresh and you would expect.

Ketchup comes in their own individual packets and cost about 50 cents each.  

Laura likes getting the cheese sauce for her fries that I don't believe is available in the U.S.

Thus ends my contractually obligated expat McDonald's post.  Let me conclude with a reminder of Thomas Friedman's important international discovery: that no two countries that have McDonald's have ever gone to war with each other.   So really by eating lunch I was taking part in important Ukraine/U.S. relations.

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