Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chicken In A Pot

Today's dish is called "Chicken In A Pot" and it was a nice mix of chicken and vegetables with a hind of curry flavoring.  It is then baked in the pot itself which was hot to the touch throughout the meal.  This was apart of what Laura and I joke about as our $50 lunch.  We ordered our main dishes and then the waitress asked if we wanted bread with our meal.  We looked at each and other and said "sure" as some bread would go well with my chicken dish.  

"Would you like a salad?" was the next question.  We looked at each other and we both thought that would be a nice too.  

All goes well with the meal and when we get the bill we discover that the bread and salads were more than our two main entrees put together.  All we could do was look at each other with raised eyebrows at our "American prices" and although the food was good, we will never go there again.   

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