Tuesday, October 9, 2012

La Cucaracha

In our initial exploration of Kharkiv the most intriguing restaurant we spotted was a Mexican bar and grill called La Cucaracha.  Laura has never found a Mexican restaurant in all her years visiting Latvia and so the novelty of East European Mexican food was enticing even if the name of the restaurant made you stop and reconsider your decision.  Nevertheless, it was Friday night and we were hungry, cockroaches be damned!

As we walked down toward the place, I turned to my wife and said, "is that a guy standing outside with a sombrero?"  Sure enough one of the employees was attempting to direct passers by to stop at La Cucaracha.  

Laura went with a burrito which she says can sometimes be a delicate proposition as you are never quite sure what you'll find inside...including the occasional beet!  

I was anxious to try Ukrainian fajitas and so I went with those.  The photo on the right is with a flash and the photo on the right is the lighting as it naturally was.  I felt like I could have developed some film right at my table.  

Here's a closer was heavy on the cilantro but pretty good and nice and spicy.  It was a nice change from the regular meat and potatoes we had been eating.

When we came out about an hour later it had started raining but that hadn't stopped our sombrero-ed friend from doing his duty.

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