Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Item We've Come To Crave Most

Eight weeks ago before I left America, I didn't eat too much peanut butter...I certainly wouldn't be able to exactly tell you the last time I ate it and I certainly never had a dream about peanut butter.  Flash forward nearly two months and the one item that Laura and I started craving was peanut butter.  Every grocery store we went too had none on the shelf, although we could find Nutella everywhere.  Finally we found a jar of "pate d'arachide" at a grocery store called Class.  It's certainly not Jiff, hell, it's not even generic brand but it will tide us over until Christmas.  One thing is certain though, a large jar of crunchy Jiff is making the return trip to Ukraine 

1 comment:

  1. The PB we ate was some sort of generic that turned out to be packed and sold in the SE States. IT was good enough. But we were always big Nutella fans so we were good.